The Mentor Match Teen Entrepreneurship program is a perfect way to learn if you've got what it takes to start a business and be your own boss. The program is free and who knows, you might just become the next big internet billionaire or save the planet or both.

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Build a Better Future

Nearly half of high school students want to invent something that will change the world. Is that you?

Start a Real Company

You need experience to get a job and you need a job to get experience...Huh? Why not start your own business and be your own boss?

The Mentor Match Teen Entrepreneurship program is a perfect way to learn if you've got what it takes. The program is free and who knows, you might just become the next big internet billionaire or save the planet or both.

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We’re looking for students of all kinds to become real entrepreneurs!

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Here is what students are saying

Tom Boyd - Methius Barney - Mason Radinovich

Selling Native Beaded Jewelry

I like selling my items and sharing the story of my people. I learned to give a backstory on all my products and on the artists.

Methius Barney Newe Inspirations

Determination Pays Off

The most important thing I learned is that experienced people are your most valuable tools in starting a business. I also learned that with hard work and determination, anything can be possible for my future.

Tom Boyd Boyd Metal Works

Expanded Financial Knowledge

I learned about credit and investments. Those two are super important to me.

Mason Radinovich One Rad Cookie Company

Become a Business Owner.

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Mentor Match Teen Entrepreneurship Program

Do you think that maybe, just maybe, you'd like to start a business? Do you have an idea for a great product or service? What if you could start your business before Thanksgiving and earn cash for the holidays? 

The Mentor Match Teen Entrepreneurship program can help you get started. Beginning in September, this program will help you launch a successful business, no matter where you live, what kind of student you are, or how much money you have.

This easy to follow, step by step program can do just that.

  • Get access to 12 online courses complete with videos, challenges, and examples of teen entrepreneurs just like you.
  • Participate in 12 group mentoring sessions designed to give you the exact support you need to be successful.
  • Engage in one-on-one mentoring sessions throughout the year.
  • 24 x 7 access to the Teen Entrepreneurship group on Reinventing Rural with bonus workshops and instant messaging. 
  • Make one-on-one connections with mentors and coaches who will help you start and run your own business.
  • Learn about yourself, what your strengths are and where you shine.
  • Meet local business leaders and learn about marketing, accounting, sales, time management, and more.
  • Connect with experts from around the state who have launched businesses like yours.
  • Meet and mingle with other teen entrepreneurs from around the state. 

How the Program Works

Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Fall Session

Information Session - September 22nd

Fall Session is a 12 Week program that completes early December. By the end of this session you will be ready to launch your business, market your product or service, get customers, and make sales. 

  • 6  workshops held every other week and available online.
  • 6 Group Check In Sessions held on the alternate weeks.
  • Weekly one-on-one mentoring sessions.
  • Bonus workshops. 
  • Ongoing support through the Mentor Match Teen Entrepreneurship group 

Take it to the Next Level

Winter Session

Starts in January

Winter Session is a 12 Week program ending late March. During this session you will get the help and tools to take your business to the next level, leverage online technology, maybe build a team, and increase your sales. 

  • 6  online workshops held every other week.
  • 6 Group Check In Sessions held on the weeks where there is no online workshop.
  • Weekly one-on-one mentoring sessions with experts in your business category.
  • Bonus workshops. 
  • Ongoing support via the Mentor Match Teen Entrepreneurship group on Reinventing Rural.

Successfully complete the Fall and Winter sessions and be invited to participate in the Rural Teen Entrepreneurship Summit in March 2020

Accelerate your Success

Spring Session

Begins Mid April

The Spring session is for those Teen Entrepreneurs who wish to take their business even further and create a profitable small business enterprise. In addition to in depth workshops expert presentations you extensive get one-on mentoring to take your business to the next level.

what you get

Here’s what entrepreneurship teaches you!

Entrepreneurship Teaches Valuable Life Skills

Entrepreneurship teaches you about planning, financial responsibility, supply and demand, the importance of relationships, and more.

It improves academic performance, school attendance, interpersonal skills, job readiness, problem solving skills, and decision-making abilities.

Entrepreneurship is a Safe Place to Experiment

Entrepreneurship provides the perfect arena to experiment with career paths, business ideas, and self-identities. 

Teen entrepreneurship is the mature equivalent of playing dress-up.

You can try on a lot of different options with little risk.

Entrepreneurship is a Career Path and not just a Hobby

Entrepreneurship not just an alternative to traditional employment if times get tough but can be a primary career objective in place of higher education or after college.

This program gives you the opportunity to explore that path while still in school.


Meet the Mentors

This is just a snapshot of people you will meet and work with to develop, launch, and grow your business.

Stacy Green


Stacy Green

Realizing a need to get teens interested in business and entrepreneurship Stacy created the Mentor Match Teen Entrepreneur Program, to teach high school how to become successful entrepreneurs.

Brad Attig Reinventing Rural


Brad Attig

Brad Attig has a passion for helping startups and small businesses. He launched Foundry Collective a nonprofit working to create sustainable "Main Street Innovation Labs" in small and rural communities.

Brenda Smith High Desert Partnership


Brenda Smith

High Desert Partnership Executive Director and entrepreneur. Brenda has various experiences from teaching, managing her own farm, running a small flower bouquet business, and more.

Anna Gahley BizHarney


Anna Gahley

Entrepreneur and BLM Budget Technician. An OSU graduate Anna's own entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well as her and her brother own and operate a mobile DJ service.

Becki Graham High Desert Partnership


Becki Graham

High Desert Partnership Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative Coordinator. Becki has multiple experiences tracking and managing projects which includes the finances of multiple projects.

Tracy Kennedy Burns Paiute Tribe


Tracy Kennedy

Community Economic Development Coordinator for the Burns Paiute Tribe. Tracy provides business training classes to Tribal entrepreneurs and is working to launching a Tribal Business Incubator.